Market Update

Crude oil prices have been seen to soften in recent weeks for a number of reasons, one of which  being due to economic growth data coming out of the developing nations such as India and China not being as strong as had been forecast. This in turn has caused naphtha
prices to decrease, taking with it Toluene, Xylene and other derivatives.

MEK demand in Japan has begun to ease after a period of product shortages and intense price increases following the devastating earthquake in March which severely damaged the region’s main production facility. One reason for this reduction in demand is due to users of MEK reformulating to use Ethyl Acetate as a replacement as the price differential
between the two products reaches 40%.

The European ETAC market remains firm while a major producer enters in to a 10 day shut down and Celanese continue on strict allocation due to acetic acid shortages. Solventis currently has availability of Ethyl Acetate in our tank storage facility in Antwerp which we can offer both delivered or on a collected basis. In addition to ETAC, we also stock over 20 different solvents in Antwerp so please feel free to contact us on .

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