Japanese solvent availability tightens

In the aftermath of the earthquake, and subsequent tsunami that devastated much of Japan earlier this month, solvent availability throughout the region has become tight. In reply to this change in the market Japanese buyers have been reaching out to new European distributors and Solventis has been exporting Isotanks and containers of our range of solvents out to end users and distributors in Japan.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) in particular has been affected by the disaster. The earthquake caused damage to the region’s largest MEK plant which has resulted in tight supply across Japan and Asia and this twinned with a global shortage has left many Japanese buyers willing to take as much product as can be sourced to cover their requirements.

These market factors have caused MEK prices to rise dramatically in Asia with European numbers following suit as sellers can secure higher numbers in the export market.

Solventis is a stockist and distributor of solvents active in both the European and global export markets. We stock over 20 products in our bulk storage facilities in Antwerp, some of which include Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol, Iso Butyl Acetate and Mono Propylene Glycol.

We welcome any enquiries from all global markets. Please email us on sales@solventis.net

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